At the beginning of your 3rd year you have the option to take one of the minor modules (or minoren) of 30 ECTS. This enables you to individualise the program according to your own interests and requirements. You might decide to take a minor in an entirely different discipline, thus adding breadth to your studies. Alternatively, you could follow one the Faculty of Science specialized minors, deepening your knowledge of your bachelor programme. At this link you can find a list of all minor modules provided by the VU. Additionally, you also have the possibility of taking a module at a different university in the Netherlands or even abroad. For more information about studying abroad, you can search for studying abroad at VUnet. If you want to take a minor module abroad, make sure that you apply for approval from you examination board. Click here to learn how you can apply for approval.

Here a list of available minor modules for Biology and Biomedical Sciences at the VU is provided.

5 Big Issues in Health

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Biomedical and Health Interventions

Biomedical Topics in Health Care

Biomolecular & Neurosciences: track Biomolecular Sciences

Biomolecular & Neurosciences: track Neurosciences

Brain & Mind

Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Global Health

Health Care Management

Medical Sciences

Topics in Biomedical Sciences

Sustainability: Management and Innovation

Sustainability: Global challenges, interdisciplinary solutions
Deze minor is ook de pre-master voor de master Environment and Resource Management.

  • “During my bachelor biomedical sciences, I did the VU wide minor sustainability: Global Challenges, Interdisciplinary Solutions. This is a newly set up minor by the IVM. It follows 2 courses with students from the more economically orientated minor sustainability: management and innovation. Because it is a VU wide minor, you will be teaming up with a lot of different people with different backgrounds. This multidisciplinarity of the students delivers a great working space to collaborate with and meet new people. In a way this opens your mind. The minor was a great introduction to the sustainability issue worldwide. Total of 5 courses, 4 courses focusing on each part of the minor, and a last course wrapping-up and designing a solution for your grand challenge. This grand challenge is chosen in the first course (September) and is a personal case. You are free to choose anything, but I would have chosen something different (or stated my challenge differently) if I had known this beforehand. This grand challenge delivers a thread during this minor and gives you perspective on every course. The minor goes through the different aspects and dimensions of sustainability. First setting the stage with the course Grand Challenges of Sustainability. Secondly the people perspective with the course Governance of Global Sustainability. As third the environmental context with the course Sustainability and Environmental Change, and at last the integrating part of the minor with the course Designing Solutions for Global Sustainability. It delivers an atmosphere where you don’t just follow textbooks and study just what people say. You study, because you are engaged with the issue and concerned about it.
    I learned a lot during these courses and I kept some new friends after this minor!”