Academic advisors

You can consult study advisors for academic advice, or questions regarding personal academic supervision. Study advisors are also there to help you with problems that may affect your academic progress (personal problems, illness, academic proficiency problems and progress delays).


Marit van ‘t Hullenaar (WN-P362)
Tel: 020 5989687

Ellen Sontag (WN-P362)
Tel: 020 5985937

Janine Verdonk (WN-P354)
Tel: 020 5983637

Hella Snoeren (WN-P362)
Tel: 020 5987012

Consultation hours (for short questions):
Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00-13:00 in WN-P354
Thursday and Friday from 12:00-13:00 in WN-P362

To make an appointment, go to VUnet: Home > Services > Advice and contact > Academic advisor > Appointments