Help the ‘Voedselbank’

VOLUNTEERS WANTED – brought to you by the actcie

Dear members,

There are millions of people around the world struggling to find food and living in constant starvation. The Food Bank, in the Netherlands, collects food every week and gives them to people to combat hunger and poverty. But how can we help them? On the 14th of February, from 11:00-15:00 at Gelderlandplein, we are organising again a collecting of food for the Food Bank! So what a better way of spending Valentines day than helping people in need. Save the date, and send an email: ln.su1679719482niryg1679719482@eict1679719482ca1679719482
See you there!



Karaoke borrel

The Karaoke borrel, brought to you by the Technicie 

On February 8th De Tegenstelling turns into the perfect stage to sing along with songs of your most favorite artists; such as: ABBA, Ed Sheeran, Micheal Jackson, The Weekend and many more! It is the perfect opportunity to take the microphone and blow everyone away with your lovely voices. Who is brave enough to rock the stage? Will we find some undiscovered talent? Come and find out at the Gyrinus Karaoke borrel on Wednesday, February 8th, from 17:00 till 23:00, at De Tegenstelling.

Much love,

The Technicie

Wasted, Mortal and in the train

Do you have a love for alcohol and adventure? Then join us on the 16th of February for the exciting Wasted mortal in the train trip! It’s been three years, but the wait is finally over.

Now for the practical information:
We will meet up at Amsterdam Zuid at 21:00 where we will then take the train to the beautiful, alcohol-loving city, Delft. Now Delft is known for its lively student atmosphere, but we’re confident that us gyrini can outdrink them all. We will go on a pub crawl and drink the night away but you’re wrong if you think we’ll be starting our drinking journey there! So, bring your favorite alcoholic beverage(s) and join us on this liver-ending adventure.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

With much love,
The Alcoholaat

Siblings borrel

Dear Gyrini,

After a few years of absence it’s almost time for the siblings borrel! This is the perfect borrel to show your sibling(s) where you have been spending all your time the past months and introduce them to our lovely Budels. This borrel is also a nice moment to set aside your differences if you have them!

Come to De Tegenstelling on February 3rd from 17:00 till 22:00 with all your siblings!


The Alcoholaat

Dungeons and Dragons Night

Dungeons and Dragons Night, brought to you by the ITcie! 
Ever wanted to escape a dungeon with friends, or go on an epic adventure to conquer a mysterious castle? To create your very own powerful character and lead your group to victory? Well here’s your chance! 
Join the ITcie on Thursday the 19th of January at the GK (W&N-P022) at 17:00 to start your adventure alone or with friends! (or the real adventure is the friends you made along the way 😉 ) Sign up now at

Casino borrel

Do you feel lucky in the new year, but don’t want to go all the way to a casino? If so, come to the Casino borrel where we bring the casino to you! The Tegenstelling will be transformed into a casino, with games such as poker, blackjack and roulettes! If you think Lady Luck is with you, come join us and win it all during the Casino borrel on the 18th of January at 17:00 in the Spiegelzaal!



Dear Gyrini,

The new year has come! With that, a new period is starting as well. What better way to start then to buy your books so you can study to your hearts content! On the 9th of January there will be the opportunity to get your books at a discounted price than normal, from 12:00 until 13:30. The room will be announced before the event, so keep an eye on the story!

We hope to see you there!

The Board

Amsterdam Light Festival Walk

Dear Gyrini,
The weather has turned cold, and Christmas is around the corner; winter is coming! The perfect season for another Wintersportcie activity. When we think of winter we think of winter sport obviously, but we also think of being with friends, we think of Glühwein, and beautiful lights. What better way to combine this than by walking the Amsterdam Light Festival together?! For only 6 euros the Wintersportcie will provide you with some snacks and a drink to make sure you are well prepared for this beautiful trip through the centre of Amsterdam. So, grab your cosy sweater, a (gyrinus) hat and some warm gloves, and join us on Thursday the 12th of January! We will start at 19:30 and the starting point will be announced later.
Sign up now:

Meet the Masters!

Dear Gyrini,

Do you want to get rid of the stress for the time that comes after your bachelor? Come to the meet the masters day and meet different masters. You can ask them anything and they can tell you all about their experiences with choosing a master’s degree.

The masters will be present in the Tegenstelling on December 14 from 5 PM. And the best of this day, you are also invited! So we hope to see you then, so that you get a better idea of the possible masters and perhaps, after this, you know exactly what the future has in store for you. 

The Onderwijscie

Sinterklaas borrel

Dear Gyrini,

It’s that time of year again! An evening filled with pepernoten and other candies, ‘tea’ and poems, and maybe even the big man himself 👀. And keep in mind, Sinterklaas knows all😉. It will be held on 7th of December at the Tegenstelling from 17:00 until 22:00! See you there!


the 70th board