February update

After the January period with classes and the festivities of December, February is the month that will be just as busy, because it is filled with great activities!

Starting the month of, the Semi-Annual General Members of Gyrinus natans will be held, where we as the 67th board will give our policy update and give insights into our association. 

This is then closely followed by two great activities, namely the Anatomy Lecture, where there will be a live dissection of a seal, and the Karaokeborrel, where you can let your inner Singstar let loose. The Anatomy Lecture will start at 16:00 ‘o clock in D107 and will take approximately one hour, after which you can come to the Karaokeborrel in De Tegenstelling. Both activities are free and open for everyone, so come by!

Then on the evening of Wednesday the 19th of February you can enjoy a carefully picked selection of high quality whiskies with us. These spirits will all have a common theme: Islands. If you’d like to know how this theme will affect our line-up, come join us on this wonderful evening for only €10,-. Sign up now at www.gyrinus.nl/whiskytasting to claim your spot before all seats are filled! 


Lastly, the Employee Borrel will be Tuesday, March 3rd. Here there will be a borrel especially organized for employees, which will have free drinks!


Abstract competition

Hey Everyone!

Do you want to know how to write a good abstract for your future Bachelor or Master thesis? Then come this friday to the Abstract Competition Finale in WN-C668 the chosen top 3 will present their abstracts to you. Once the presentations are finished at around 19:00, the winner will be announced there. During the presentations there will be free snacks for the audience :).

Hope to see you all on friday!

Happy New Year’s social drink

New year, new me, same Tegenstelling. That’s right, it is time to start the new year the same way we ended last year, at De Tegenstelling!

To start the new year proper, the board will serve FREE prosecco and will make the Dutch delicacy “Oliebollen”.

We hope to see you all January 8th!


Dear Gyrini,

A new year, a new me and therefore it is time for the book sale! On the 6th of January you can buy your books for period 3 and 4 with 10-15% discount to start your new year fresh! Are you not a member of Gyrinus, but you want to buy your books with discount? No worries, you can become a member during the book sale!

For  year 1 of Biology and year 2 of Biomedical Sciences, we will come by after your lectures (Pant- & dierfysiologie and Biomedical Sciences and Society).
For  year 1 of Biomedical Sciences and year 2 of Biology, you can buy your books at the Gyrinus room.


The 67th board

Christmas Diner

You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, we’re telling you why
Christmas Dinner is comin’ real soon!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Laughter and good food around the clock
Come with all your friends to share the fun
On the 20th of December, all must come!

Silent night! Holy night!
A lot of wine, both red and white
A 3-course meal, a real delight
Just €7,50 – it’s cheap alright

You probably don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing you need,
So make your wish come true
‘Cause all you want for Christmas
Is the Feestcie cooking for YOU!

See you at the Tegenstelling 20/12!
Register https://www.gyrinus.nl/christmasdinner/ now!

The Feestcie

Bock Beer Borrel

Dear Gyrini,

The sunny summer days are slowly being replaced by the rainy autumn days. The nights will be longer, and the days will be shorter. The t-shirts will be replaced by coats. The wind is very cold. Once you arrive home you put on your comfy outfit and take a seat at the warm fireplace. Nana’s famous stew has been simmering on the stove all day. Staring through the window watching the leaves fall of the trees you think: “aahhh autumn.” What is missing on a night like this? Exactly, a collection of the most delicious bock beers. Autumn is coming and so is the Bock Beer Borrel on Friday the 25th of October at de Tegenstelling! We open our doors to give you a warm welcome and provide you with the best season bound bock beers!


Annual General Members’ Meeting

Dear members,

The Annual General Members’ Meeting 2019 is coming. At this meeting, the 66th board will present her year report and financial books. Besides, 66 will say goodbye and give Gyrinus a beautiful gift. The 67th board will take over. She will present her colors, logo and her policy!

The meeting will take place in WN-D107. We will start at 17:00 and the meeting will be adjourned around 19:00 for a free meal. The meeting will end at 23:00. If the meeting is not finished yet, the meeting will be postponed to Thursday 17th of Oktober. When the meeting is finished, free drinks will be provided in ‘de Tegenstelling’ for all those present.

If you want to eat with us, make sure you click the ‘going’ button on Facebook or subscribe in the app before Tuesday 15th of Oktober 12:00.

We hope to see you all!

The 66th and 67th board

Welcome to Gyrinus natans!

Gyrinus natans is the faculty association for the bachelorstudies Biology and Biomedical Sciences and all related masterstudies. Throughout the year we organize several activities, such as study related activities like lectures and a studytrip, but also social activities such as parties and camps. We also have borrels twice a week in our beloved Tegenstelling. Membership at Gyrinus costs only ten euros a year and with this membership you also get 10-15% discount on your study books! Click here to become a member.

Gyrinus Barbecue 2019

Dear Gyrini,
On Monday the 30th of September we’re going to have a barbecue at the Tuinzaal. With music, good food and good beer the ingredients for a successful night are plentiful. Also, the applications for committees will close after this day, so if you still want to sign-up this is your last chance! There will be members of every committee present to answer any questions you may still have. 
But if you just want to come for a fun night you’re also very much welcome of course! Just sign in here and then we’ll see you on the 30th!
the 66th board

Lunch Lecture

Heyhey Gyrinii!

On Wednesday 18th of September the Educational committee will organise our first lunch lecture! Now of course you’ll be wondering what that entails. It is a quite simple concept: You enjoy a cool lecture, while we cater a free lunch to you. The lecture will be provided by Matchis and will be on the topic of “stem cell donation; save someone like you”

We will provide between 30 and 40 lunches, so sign up to make sure you don’t miss out: gyrinus.nl/lunchlecture

When? September 18th 2019 from 12:45 to 13:30

Where? WN-F607