Study Trip 2022

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to visit several interesting companies in the biomedical and biological field? To visit a country where tram 28 is one of the most famous sights? Have you always wanted to learn a few words Portuguese? And visit a city that is known for their delicious Pastel de Nata? And above all to make some memories you will never forget? Then join our study trip to ……. LISBON!!! We will be leaving on May 2nd and will be back on May 6. There are limited spots available, so sign up quick at



Trip to Moco Museum with Gyrinus

Dear artsy Gyrini,
We are excited to announce that the Excurcie is back and you can join us on a trip to Moco museum! Are you ready to be impressed by the works of Banksy, THE KID or by the first NFT exhibition ever? Or are you more impressed by the amazing deal we got for you?
For only 8 euros (regular price €19.50) you can join the visit to Moco Museum on Thursday the 24th of February! At 17.00 Moco opens the doors for us. Take your mouth mask and valid QR code with you and we hope to see you at Moco museum! Be there or be an artsy square!
Make sure to sign up quickly with the following link:
The Excurcie

Help ‘de Voedselbank’

Dear members,
Even though the Netherlands is a prosperous country there are still almost one million people who struggle to make ends meet. Every week the Food Bank provides 40.000 food packs to these people to combat poverty as well as food waste. Do you want to help these people in need? Then join us on the 15th of February from 11:00 to 14:00 at Albert Heijn Gelderlandplein to collect food for the Food Bank! If you are interested, save the date and send an email to ln.su1656913941niryg1656913941@eict1656913941ca1656913941.
Much love,
The Actcie

Semi-Annual General Members’ Meeting

Dear members,
On Tuesday, February 8th, the Semi-Annual General Members Meeting of Gyrinus natans will take place. The General Members Meeting will commence at 5:00 pm. It will take place at the VU, at HG-08A20
The GMM is a way to gain more insight into the current state of the association. We hope to see as many of you as possible there.
We also will serve food at the first day, if you will be present at the GMM and you would like to eat with us, please fill in this form:…/1pkMZ6mtRVnWWIf…/viewform…
The 69th board of Gyrinus natans

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Dear Gyrini,
Mourning that there will be no Gyrinus Christmas dinner and no Christmas scavenger hunt? Don’t! Feestcie came up with an amazing Valentine Scavenger Hunt, so you still can have fun and drinks with your LOVELY Gyrini. Get your friends together to have a fun game night and maybe find a lover in Gyrinus!
The event will take place on the 4th of February from 7 pm till 11 pm at Amsterdamse Bos. The ticket price will be around 2-4 euros. Do not forget to bring a thermos for delicious hot chocolate with rum and/or some rose to keep you and your fellow Gyrini valentine warm.

First borrel of 2022 @ Café Leentje

Dear Gyrini,
The time has finally come, the government announced that the pubs, among other things, are opening up again until 22:00! So, that means that we can finally see eachother again at our beloved borrels. Sign yourself up for the first borrel of 2022 at the 2nd of February at Café Leentje! You can find the sign up link below!
Where: Café Leentje, Thorbeckeplein 3 Amsterdam
When: 2nd of February, 17:00-22:00
How: Sign up link:
Make sure you have a valid QR code and identification at the entrance.
We are excited to see you again!
With love,
The 69th board

Snack Lunch

We’re back!!!!
Since we can’t get enough of the delicious Dutch deep-fried snacks, the Studiereiscie is organizing another snack lunch. This involves typical Dutch deep-fried snacks like ‘frikandel’, ‘kroket’ and ‘kaassouflé’ on white buns. All profits will go to the study trip, to make it even more spectacular! So don’t forget to drop by the Gyrinus room between 12:30 and 13:30 on February 2nd and put yourself on ‘present’ to make sure you get a delicious snack. Then you’ll have delicious fuel to get through the day, and you will contribute to an unforgettable study trip!
To find out how many snacks we have to buy, we ask you to fill in the following form in advance.
In addition, we ask you to pay for the snack(s) in advance, so that we can be sure that you are there!
To summarize:
What: Snack Lunch
When? 2nd of February
What time? 12:30-13:30
Where? WN P-022 (Gyrinus room)
How? Just fill in the forms above and pay in advance (2 euros per snack)!
The Studiereiscie

Write a Christmas Card for the Elderly

Dear Gyrini, 

Let the countdown begin… because Christmas is just around the corner! A good prospect to relax during the holidays after the last exam week of the year. In addition to good food and conviviality, Christmas is also about caring and that is why, just like in previous years, we want to distribute Christmas cards among the elderly in the Netherlands. Loneliness is common during this time of the year and this needs to be changed! Help us by making a difference and fill a card with a personal message, poem, encouraging words or something else creative. You can write your message in English in the form and we will translate the message and write the card for you. You can also leave a message in Dutch or write it in a card yourself in the Gyrinusroom (WN-PO22). The cards can be handed in until Thursday December 9th at 17.00h.  Thank you on behalf of the national elderly care fund and the Actcie, who will ensure your card gets to the right address.

With love, Actcie

Abstract Competition

Dear master students,
The Mastercie is hosting their annual abstract competition again on the 14th of January 2022! By submitting your abstract from your previous bachelor/master internship project, you have the chance to win a cash prize $$$! A team of jury members consisting of VU researchers will rank the submitted abstracts. Students with the top abstracts are then invited to present their research in a short presentation during the event on the 14th of January, where a winner will be chosen.
Send in your abstract via before the 10th of December 2021 to participate!
Best regards,
The Master committee, Gyrinus natans
If you have any questions, please contact us via ln.su1656913941niryg1656913941@sret1656913941sam1656913941

Jump and Hit

Frustration, frustration, frustration! Sadly our government has enforced another lockdown… Do you want to let loose during these stressful times? We know the perfect way to do this! Join us December the 8th from 18.15-20.00 to jump away all your problems at a fun trampoline hall. For the ones that have real anger issues we also have a fun game of dodgeball (trefbal) where the goal is to hit other people with a ball :). So, don’t be shy and show us your most amazing flips, tricks and jumps. 

For only 15 you can be there. Just fill in this form and we hope to see you there.

Lots of Love,