Lunch Lecture (full)

Dear Gyrini,
The 22nd of September the Onderwijscie will organize the second edition of the lunch lecture for you.This year Evgenia S alta will give us an interesting insight in the research her department in the
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience does, which focusses on neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s disease.
The lecture will take place at the VU (room tba) from 12:45 till 13:30. And, last but not least, you can leave your ‘bammetjes met kaas’ at home because we will provide you with a delicious, free lunch!
Make sure to sign up fast because spots are limited!
You can sign up here:
The Onderwijscie

Vondelpark Clean-Up

Dear Gyrini,
Finally, the time has come where everyone can go back to school! Hanging out at the park and catching up is also part of this.
Unfortunately, this also means more trash is being left behind. That is why the Actcie is organizing a clean-up at Vondelpark on the 21st of September (14:00-15:30).
Do you feel like helping a hand?
Sign up now by sending an email to ln.su1635044357niryg1635044357@eict1635044357ca1635044357

Join the introductionweek!

Hi upcoming (master) students, 

To guarantee an amazing start of your new study (both bachelors and masters), Gyrinus natans has organized an amazing introduction week for the bachelors and two introduction days for the masters.

For more information about the introduction week for bachelor’s, please click here.

For the new master students, the master introduction committee has organized two introduction days for you. These will take place on Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd of September and will be filled with multiple activities. For more information and sign up, please click here.

We are looking for a new board!

Dear members,

We are looking for people who want to improve themselves by doing a board year at Gyrinus! Will you be the one to proudly say you are part of the 69th board? To gain more information about what it is like to be on the board, keep an eye on our socials, he current board will be answering all your questions!

For any further questions you van contact the current board via ln.su1635044357niryg1635044357@ofni1635044357 or send an e-mail to ln.su1635044357niryg1635044357@eicn1635044357etadi1635044357dnak1635044357

Escape the W&N

You’re finally back at the VU, but all you want to do is get out… FAST!

On October 9 the Technicie will take you back to the W&N building, where you will uncover the mysteries surrounding one fateful Stellingavond. In a one hour Zoom session, you will need to figure out exactly what happened at the VU, and get out as quickly as possible.

Practical info:
The sessions will take place on Friday night between 18:30 and 21:30 via Zoom. On Thursday, we will announce the groups and session start and end times, so keep the night open! Sign-up closes Wednesday October 7 at 23:59!

During the session, you are not allowed to search the internet for answers or communicate outside of the zoom meeting with other players (of any group). If we suspect anyone of cheating, we will terminate the session.

Sign-up via: !

Vondelpark Clean-up

Dear Gyrini,
The school year has started again. Whats a better way to start this school year than help creating a less polluted
environment. Thanks to the nice weather, people are going to the parks to relax. This also means more trash in the Vondelpark. Of course, only cleaning up the Vondelpark doesn’t solve the current issues regarding our polluted environment, but doing something is always better than doing nothing. Do you want to join us in cleaning up the Vondelpark on October 6th from 14:00 until 16:00? Sign up now by sending an email to ln.su1635044357niryg1635044357@eict1635044357ca1635044357!
Scared you are going to get dirty? Don’t worry! We will be wearing jackets and will use pickers (afvalgrijpers).
We hope to see you soon (from a distance)
With love,

Meet the Committees

Dear members,

Are you still in doubt about joining a committee? Or do you want to get to know your potential new committee members better? Then no longer hesitate and sign up for the Meet the Committees evening! This evening will take place this Friday online from 19:30 till 20:30 and will give you the opportunity to ask all your questions and meet our diehard gyrini. Sign yourself now up via 

You can also join the zoom-meeting without signing-up here  (19:30-20:30):
Passcode: 12345

Best wishes,

The 67th board