Introduction Party back to the 00s


To welcome our newest additions to Gyrinus and to open the new academic year on a festive note, the Feestcie has a party ready for you on the 28th of August! 🌟
Calling out for all intro week participants, mentors, crew and all other Gyrini to come and make this a legendary Introduction Week Party at Disco Dolly from 22:00-04:00.

This will be the moment where friendships are formed, memories are made, and our sjaars will get a taste of how crazy Gyrini can party🤩🎊. This will also be a taste of this years Lustrum for everyone, as this party will be inspired by the theme of our Lustrum⏳⏰🕰️!

Limited spots are available, so be quick to secure your place 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💨 at

Back to the 00s feest

Much love


Dinner Last Stelling Eve

Sign-up for dinner during the Last Stelling Eve now!

After a year filled with memorable moments, it’s time to gather and commemorate our beloved stelling.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of laughter, joy, and reflection on all that we’ve achieved together. But that’s not all! Brace your taste buds for a culinary experience like no other. Our talented chefs will be serving up a mouthwatering Indonesian Rice Table, all carefully prepared with love and expertise. Did we mention the delicious food? That, coupled with our loving Budels beer, sounds like an evening that can’t go wrong. So mark your calendars and gather your friends, because the LSA (Laatste Stelling Avond/Last Stelling Eve) awaits you!

Date: 07th of July
Link to sign up:

The Alcoholaat

Last Stelling Eve

Dear borrelaars,

Past year is one with ups and downs. We had our fair share of broken arms, hearts and sinks, as well as the death of the pride of gyrinus: hamster Bob. But we also had beautifull moments. Our gorgeous Stelling can stay open for longer, we have the addition of the Budelse Bieren Borrel and we’re looking forward to a new exciting introduction. To forget the bad and celebrate the good, we have to end this year with a banger.

During the evening a delicious Indonesian rice table will be served. It is prepared by our very own old gyrini and VU employees. You definitely don’t want to miss this, so an eye on the socials for the sign-up link! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Alcoholaat

Pure Music


Do you enjoy live music? Do you enjoy beer? Then this is the night for you! With recurring bands from last year and other new and exciting bands! On the 21st of June in the 17:00 until 23:00 you can hear and dance to your favourite tunes! All this for absolutely no money at all 😉 Save the date and see you there! 

Much love from the 70th board and Technicie!

Feedback Form Activities

Dear Gyrini,

As you might have noticed, we are currently working with a feedback form for the activities of Gyrinus natans. Every time you visit an activity and have any imput, we are eager to hear it! In this way we can continuously improve the activities and thereby our beloved association.
The link to the feedback form: 

Much Love,

The 70th Board

Budels Beer Borrel

Dear Gyrini,

The last couple of years, the Amsterdam beer borrel has been a staple borrel in the last month of the academic year. However, this year, because of the probable closing of the Tegenstelling in half a year, and to celebrate our more than 30-year collaboration with the Budels brewery, The Alcoholaat decided to rename this borrel to the Budels Beer Borrel (BBB). However, unlike the BBB (BockBeerBorrel) at the beginning of the academic year, we will be serving you a nice selection of fresh summer- like Budels beers that fit the season. These beers will be announced in the next couple of days, and you will be able to try them all with a special Stellingcard! We hope to see you all on the 16th of June at the Tegenstelling!

With Love,

the BBB- team and the rest of the Alcoholaat

The Cocktail Borrel

All ladies assemble! On the 14th of June the Cocktailborrel will take place in the Tegenstelling.
During this amazing evening, all Gyrinus women will take care of the entire borrel. Amazing cocktails will be served (a secret for now which), heavy shots will be poured and of course delicious pink food will be provided! We ask all women to DRESS TO IMPRESS by wearing their best cocktail dress (or something..). All men are welcome as well 🙂
Around 20:00 all nominees for Mr. Gyrinus will return (we hope) after which we will vote for the winner. After announcing the winner, a party will break loose until 23:00!

The Great City Hunt

The Spelcie presents the Great City Hunt!

In this brand-new activity, you’ll be challenged to hunt down the Spelcie members in teams. Be the first to complete their challenges and get the treasure. The Spelcie will be scattered throughout the city making sure to put navigation skills to the test as you explore the beautiful city. This year: Antwerp.
Once the treasure has been found, the fun doesn’t end as we’ll have dinner and go out together, and then the day after we all go back.
So, what are you waiting for? Gather your fellow adventurer and sign-up via this link: !

Mastercie borrel

Dear masters,

How’s it going with your internships? Do you miss the contact with other students? Or do you have any good stories to tell? It’s probably been some time since you all last saw each other, so we thought it’d be nice to have a moment to catch up. That’s why we’re inviting everyone to the borrel on Friday the 26th of May from 17:00!
Have a drink, unwind from another heavy workweek, and chat with all the other students you’ve so dearly missed! Feel free to bring friends from other masters or from your internship as well!
Drinks are cheap, and the company is good (even better if you’re there )!
Can’t wait to see you there!


The Mastercie

Company visit to Spinoza

Dear Gyrini,

Finally the company visit is here again! This year we will visit the Spinoza Centre for neuroimaging. The research of this company focuses, among other things, on cognition, emotion, and clinical neuroscience. Do you want to experience what it feels like to work at this amazing company that might become your future? Then join us! But even if you are not interested in this specific company, join this great opportunity to have a look at what the biomedical industry looks like in practice. It can also help to orient yourself towards a specific track for your future career.

The company visit will take place on 23 May from 15.00 to approximately 16.30. We will start with coffee/tea with a safety screening, after which there will be a tour of the company. There will even be a demo of neuroimaging!
There are limited places, so sign up as fast as possible! You can sign up via this sign up link:
Hope to see you on the 23th of May!

Much love,