Rhyme Without Reason Party

What do mr. Worldwide and a corpsbride have in common?
What about Van Gogh and a golf pro?
Smurf and surf?
It’s been way too long since the last Feestcie party, but we’re back with another great party,
And with another great theme, of course!

Things that rhyme don’t have to have anything in common, so grab your dictionaries and make up the best rhymes for the Rhyme Without a Reason party! So grab a partner (friend, comrade, lover), and get ready to explain to everyone your costumes all night long! It is also allowed to make a group of 3 or 4, however creative you can be!
Will you two go as a mobster and a lobster? Maybe a tennis pro and a hot cheeto? Whatever you will be, we’ll see you at club Hotshots from 22:00 to 4:00.
Ticket prices: €4,- gyrinus member, €5,- non gyrinus member. Sign up quick because there are limited places via gyrinus.nl/rhymewithoutreason

Much love,


The Dutch City Trip

Are you interested in discovering THE Dutch city of modern architecture? See the city that is the birthplace of kapsalon? Walk through the largest port in Europe? Then we have just the thing for you with our upcoming Dutch city trip!
This year, we will be going to Rotterdam! During this one-day trip on Thursday the 11th of May, we will present to you a list of optional activities, a sightseeing itinerary,a booklet that includes all the fun facts and recommendations about the beautiful city of Rotterdam, and a pub crawl to finish off the night. You will also get a goody bag that will bring you closer than ever to the Dutch culture. The trip will be from 13.00 and onwards and it will go on till you say stop! The ticket price is 6 euros and make sure to sign up quick because there are limited places via gyrinus.nl/dutchcitytrip 
Much love,
Globalcie 🙂

Dolor de Cabeza Fiesta borrel

Previously known under different names, but always iconic; the Dolor de Cabeza Fiesta borrel!
Before every siesta, a big fiesta must be celebrated. What better way to spend your Friday evening than to drink tequila, eat good food and drink a nice cold cerveza with it?!
Bring your sombrero, your best outfit, and join us on the 12th of May at the Tegenstelling 🙂


King’s Night Borrel

Hello everybody,
On the 27th of April it is time for our national holiday, Kings Day. The day before on the 26th a group of old Gyrini will organize a borrel to celebrate this!
So prepare for a night full of orange, oranjebitter en other Dutch specialities!!
Be there or be 🟧

Hally Ball Tournament

Spring has finally arrived!

The sun is shining, flowers everywhere, time to go outside and play… Hallybal! Join the Kampcie at Uilenstede for the first ever Gyrinus Hanny bal tournament on the 18th of April. Make sure to sign up before the 16th of April (gyrinus.nl/hallyball). See you there! 

Much love,


Anatomy Lecture

After the unfortunate news that the last anatomy lecture was cancelled, we have now been able to plan a new date. The best news is that Wouter is able to bring a new kangaroo! So, be sure to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and learn about the exciting lifestyle and anatomy of the kangaroo.

Date: 12th of April
Time: 16.00-17.30
Location: WN building M-129

Much love, the Onderwijcie

Game night

The time has finally come for the return of the legendary Game Night! On April the 6th you can take on your fellow Gyrini in a varied selection of video games. The ITcie will set them all up for you on the sixth floor of the WN-building (room number TBA). You’re welcome to join us from 5 PM.
Also, we’ll be ordering pizza for dinner during the Game Night, so if you want to have pizza let us know your choice via the sign-up sheet.
The playable games will be:
– FIFA (tournament, sign up before April 3rd)
– Mario Kart (tournament, sign up before April 3rd)
– Sid Meier’s Civilization V
– Gran Turismo 5
– Wii Sports Olympics
– Minecraft (LAN) 
You can also bring your own console/games to add to this selection! 
If you want to join the tournaments and show your skills, or just casually play some games together, sign up via www.gyrinus.nl/gamenight
the ITcie

Watering Can Borrel

On Friday the 31st of March from 17:00-22:00 it is finally time for the yearly Watering Can borrel.
During this borrel, we will not be using glasses, because be honest, that is sooo passé, no we will be drinking from our favorite Watering Cans. You can fill your Watering Can (1L) for only €5,00! This promises to be another fun and beer filled night you don’t want to miss.
So grab your favorite Watering Can and decorate it to make it the most beautiful one in the whole Stelling! 

Old Dutch Game Night

The Old Dutch Game Night!

Do you want to go down memory lane, back to your youth? Or do you want to experience some Dutch culture? Come to the old Dutch game night and join some classic Dutch games. From zaklopen to koekhapen, it’s sure to be a fun night. Just come to the borrel on the 22nd of March and we’ll have the Dutch classics ready for you in the Spiegelzaal!

Board Information Evening

Interested in being part of the 71st board? Want to know more about all of the board functions in an interactive way? Come join us at the Gyrinus Room for the board information evening the 16th of March at 18:00! It’s a fun night with drinks, snacks and all the opportunity to ask questions about all the parts of your potential board year!

The 70th board and Kandidatencie