Course evaluations

As you may have noticed, you get a pop-up when you log in at VUnet after finishing a course asking whether you want to fill in a course evaluation. But what happens with the results of course evaluations? Who listens to your opinion? The course coördinator sees the results. The coördinator is obligated to give a reaction to the feedback of the students. Also, these results, plus the reaction of the coördinator, will be evaluated by the Education committee. This committee includes both students and teachers, who give advice on all matters concerning the education in the study program. At these meetings, the reactions of the students will be evaluated, and if necessary the coördinator will be addressed. Unfortunately, not many people fill in these evaluations. So if you have a complaint or suggestion about the course you’re following, fill in the course evaluation and your opinion will be heard! You can also come to the education walk-in hour every Wednesday from 12:45 to 13:30 in the Gyrinus room (WN-P022) or send an e-mail to ln.su1718723666niryg1718723666@sjiw1718723666redno1718723666