Dear reader,


The last couple of months have been a tough one. Although, good news is coming about

vaccines, it is still difficult to cope with the present measures and weird times that this

pandemic brings us.

A couple of years ago, Gyrinus celebrated its lustrum with a song: ‘we are all in this

together’. Never would I have dreamt that that song would apply to this year, more than


And that is what I want to stress out: you can always come to me if you find any difficulties

which are in the way of your optimal study conditions. It could be that you don’t know how

to study or how to find buddies to study with. It is difficult to reach out to other people, but

I will try my best to help you. You are probably not the only one with these problems. I will

listen to your problems and can help you with finding the right people or organizations

within the VU for help. Everything discussed will be confidential between you and me.

You can always send an email to ln.su1632817526niryg1632817526@tnad1632817526ifnoc1632817526 for an appointment or



Akash Singh

Vice Chairman and Commissioner of Public Relations of the 68th Board of

faculty association Gyrinus natans.