LOBS stands for national biology student council and consists of a group of students representing all Dutch biology programs. The aim of LOBS is to represent the interests of all biology students by discussing the problems and issues of each university during the monthly meetings. Additionally, LOBS aims to identify all biology related programs in the Netherlands, this includes providing information about bachelor and master programs. One of the main activities of LOBS  is the annual national masterday. The commissioner of education of Gyrinus also attends these meetings.

LOBS is funded by the Dutch Institute for biology (NIBI).


Call for entries: Bachelor or Master theses for the National Conference Biology Students (NCBS)!
Have you written an excellent thesis? Do you want to present your thesis for a larger audience? Or do you just want to challenge yourself? Then submit your thesis (BSc or MSc), and you could get the opportunity to present your thesis for an audience consisting of fellow-students, researchers, teachers and other biology enthusiasts at the National Conference Biology Students (NCBS) 2019 in the Royal Burger’s Zoo Arnhem! Three Bachelor and three Master student theses will be selected, and they will have the chance to win the famous Darwin award! If you have not been selected for the presentation on stage, you may also get the change to present your thesis by means of a poster presentation (you can of course also just sign up for a poster presentation instead of a presentation on stage).
Registrations are now open (final deadline 30 September 2019). For registration complete the form on http://lobs.eu/ncbs/.

The NCBS is an annual conference organized by LOBS, which will this year be organised for the fifth time on November 22nd 2019 at Burgers’ Zoo.

Join us for a day of fascinating talks by students and a keynote speaker (to be announced), a great venue, a few hours to spent in the Zoo itself, and a full dinner!

More information concerning tickets and the programme will follow soon. For any questions check our Facebook, our website, or mail to ue.sb1568775810ol@sb1568775810cn1568775810.