Semi-Annual General Members’ Meeting

Dear Members,

On Tuesday the 12th of February 2019 the Semi-Annual General Members’ Meeting (HALV) 2018-2019 of Gyrinus natans will take place. The HALV will commence at 17:00 o’clock and will end at the latest at 22:00 o’clock. Around 19:00 o’clock the meeting will be adjourned shortly and a meal will be served. If there is any time left after the meeting, there will be a borrel in De Tegenstelling to thank all attendees for their attention.

The goal of the ALV is to provide a better insight into the current state of the association to the members. The board of Gyrinus natans hereby invites you to attend this ALV. We would very much appreciate your presence there. That way you as a member can utter your possible feedback and bring subjects that you deem important to everyone’s attention.


The 66th board